Ready to start looking for a job in the mining industry? There are several options to choose from to identify all the job offers on the market. See the next section on the tools and advice we offer:

  • Finding a job
  • Unsolicited applications
  • Finding a company
  • Job fairs
  • Where to get help

Finding a job

Browse through the various job offers posted online at in the Finding a job section. At any given time, the search engine displays at least 100 job offers in the Québec mining industry. It’s the most extensive search tool in the industry and new offers are added daily!

Unsolicited applications

During your job search, apply directly to the jobs advertised. It also makes sense to send your application to a number of companies, even those not hiring at the time. It pays to be proactive when looking for work!

Several companies have application banks on their website. You can create your profile and submit your curriculum vitae (CV). With some of these websites you can even sign up for notifications when job offers that may be of interest to you are posted.

You can still submit your application to companies that don’t have such online platforms. Don’t hesitate to email your CV to their human resource managers. You can also give them a call. For contact information, see the Finding a company section.

Finding a company

Check out mining company websites. They contain useful information about the companies. You can also contact them to see if they are hiring or, if you’re a new graduate, whether they’re open to taking on trainees. Many mining companies are on the Web, but others are still best reached by phone. Used wisely, the phone is a good way to sell yourself.

For contact information, see the Finding a company section.

In addition to contact information for large mining companies, you will also find a list of contractors, suppliers, and exploration companies that are active in this industry. These are generally small and medium-size companies that provide a number of employment opportunities. Given the smaller size of these companies, it is easier to communicate directly with their human resource managers. What’s more, these companies are more likely to hire first-timers. They offer a promising gateway for new graduates or workers with little experience in the industry.

Job fairs

Meet potential employers by attending a job fair. You could encounter an interesting employer and submit your application on site. At these events you can sell yourself to recruiters, especially if you are more comfortable communicating verbally than in writing. However, it’s important to seek out information about the event before attending. Take time to go through the exhibitor list and target companies that interest you, especially if you have to travel far to participate in the event.

In Québec, there are a number of specialized events for the mining industry organized by the government or business associations. These gatherings can be very useful for applicants seeking employment in the industry. Make sure it’s a fair where you will have the opportunity to meet human resource managers. In some cases, these could be trade fairs where the business representatives are more likely to be salespersons, geologists, or communication experts who are not responsible for hiring.

Consult our Events Calendar to see the events CSMO Mines will be attending this year.

Where to get help

There are various organizations devoted to assisting job seekers with various aspects of the job search. Here are a few:

The Centre local d’emploi (CLE) local employment centre in your area

For a list of Québec CLEs, click here to visit the Emploi-Québec website. It also features contact information and the services they provide.

The Carrefour jeunesse-emploi (CJE) youth employment resource in your area

Click here for a list of the Québec CJEs. CJEs offer a host of services for job seekers aged 16 to 35.

The Club de recherche d’emploi (CRE) job-finding club in your area

The CRE helps job seekers perfect their job-finding skills in a stimulating environment so they can quickly land a job. Click here to find the CRE in your area

Specialized employment organizations

Some organizations provide services to all job seekers, while others are designed to assist a specific clientele such as Aboriginal job seekers, women, and new immigrants. To find the list of specialized organizations in your area, see the Emploi-Québec directory.

The Place aux jeunes in your area

Place aux jeunes is an organization that helps graduates aged 18 to 35 find jobs around Québec and strives to keep them working in Québec. It is found in 15 regions across Québec. Click here for more information on its services.