List of training programs

The Police Technology program prepares students to practise the occupation of patrol officer in Québec.

The program aims to help students who aspire to become patrol officers in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to practise the occupation and to prepare them for admission to the École nationale de police du Québec.

Patrol officers’ duties are to ensure public safety, keep the peace, protect life and property, prevent crime, apply criminal and penal laws, protect young people in compromising situations and bring offenders before the courts. They are also called on to protect victims of criminal acts, to inform and counsel citizens and to refer them to appropriate community or professional resources, to act as mediators or conciliators in minor conflicts, to arrest criminals, to write up statements of offence, to gather evidence, to produce various reports and to testify in court.

Patrol officers must react quickly to different situations, demonstrating good judgment and respecting the charters of rights and freedoms, laws and regulations, police ethics and the disciplinary rules of their organization.

In carrying out their duties, they must demonstrate great versatility when intervening in a preventive or repressive manner, showing concern for serving and protecting citizens in collaboration with partners and institutions that share their preoccupations and goals.

Patrol officers work within a professional, community-oriented context centred on the quality of customer service, the active participation of the community, cooperation with elected officials and the search for lasting solutions to problems related to public disorder and crime.

This program is available in French: DEC en techniques policières.

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