List of occupation profiles

Alternative names : Diamond drill operator

Diamond drillers install and operate diamond drills and maintain drills and related drilling equipment. To ensure that the drill controls operate correctly, they must frequently check the dials that measure pressure, depth and drill bit revolutions per minute. At the exploration stage, diamond drilling is used to analyze and validate the future potential of the mine site. During the production stage, diamond drillers are assigned to drilling and sampling to locate other nearby deposits to extend the life of the mine. They may work in aboveground or underground mine facilities during the exploration stage, and also for mine contractors with service contracts at various mine sites in the production stage. 

Job functions

  • The work may be performed in a hostile environment (darkness, dampness, cold, heat, dust, noise or vibrations).
  • The work involves handling parts, tools and equipment of various weights.
  • The work may require fine muscular control for the adjustment of high-precision machine tools.